Diabetes & Primary Care Australia journal content Vol 2 Issue 2 (March 2017)

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Diabetes and pregnancy pdf
Rajna Ogrin focuses on pregnancy and pre-conception care for women with pre-gestational diabetes.

CPD module
Optimising pregnancy outcomes for women with pre-gestational diabetes in primary health care  pdf
Glynis Ross provides guidance to support pre-conception care for women with pre-gestational diabetes.

From the other side of the desk
Through diagnosis to pregnancy: My journey with diabetes pdf
Karen Barrett gives a first-hand perspective on her journey with diabetes and how it affected her pregnancies.

Resources to support preconception care for women with diabetes pdf
Melinda Morrison and colleagues describe the resources available for health professionals and women with diabetes and provide up-to-date, evidence-based information on pregnancy and diabetes.

Diabetes and bone health pdf
Vidhya Jahagirdar and Neil Gittoes explore the current literature on diabetes and bone health, its impact on patients and the management strategies that may be considered in primary care to minimise risk of diabetes-related bone disease and to improve outcomes.

Falls prevention in older adults with diabetes: A clinical review of screening, assessment and management recommendations pdf
Anna Chapman and Claudia Meyer review the screening, assessment and management recommendations for fall prevention in older people.

The effect of diabetes on the skin before and after ulceration pdf
Roy Rasalam and Lesley Weaving look at the changes that occur in the skin of people with diabetes and the importance of skin care in relation to ulceration.