Diabetes & Primary Care Australia journal content: vol 2, iss 3 (June 2017)

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Our second national conference pdf
Rajna Ogrin introduces this issue and reflects on the success of the PCDSA’s second national conference.

CPD module
Managing dyslipidaemia in the context of diabetes pdf
Mike Kirby and Roy Rasalam explore the latest thinking on the links between dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular risk, and review the evidence for lipid management in people with diabetes.

From the other side of the desk
I love my CGM: Managing my diabetes is no longer a performance pdf
How continuous glucose monitoring helped Tim Burnham get his career back on track.

Meeting report
2nd National Conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia pdf
Mark Kennedy summarises the sessions from the PCDSA’s recent national conference held in Melbourne.

Sexual health and dysfunction in men and women with diabetes pdf
David Edwards and Nicholas Forgione outline the identification and treatment of sexual dysfunction in people with diabetes.

Primary care practitioner guide to the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot: Recommendations for the Australian context pdf
Rajna Ogrin and Jane Tennant discuss the prevention of diabetes-related foot ulcers and translates international guidelines into the Australian primary care setting.

The new class war: SGLT2 inhibitors versus DPP-4 inhibitors pdf
Merlin Thomas compares the benefits and risks associated with SGLT2 and DPP-4 inhibitors when added to metformin in type 2 diabetes.