Diabetes and Primary Care Australia journal content: Vol 2 issue 1 (January 2017)

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Diabetes education pdf
Rajna Ogrin reflects on the importance of diabetes education in Australia.

CPD module
Clinical vascular screening of the foot: For life and limb  pdf
Sylvia McAra, Robert Trevethan, Lexin Wang and Paul Tinley provide guidance to support early detection of peripheral arterial disease using evidence-based clinical tests.

From the desktop
Patient and practitioner: Flash glucose monitoring pdf
Gary Kilov gives a first-hand perspective on using flash glucose monitoring.

Diabetes education: Essential but underfunded in Australia pdf
Mark Kennedy and Trisha Dunning explain why more is required to improve and provide diabetes education.

Antimicrobial management of diabetic foot infection pdf
Roy Rasalam, Caroline McIntosh and Aonghus O’Loughlin provides an overview of the current evidence for diagnosis and management of diabetic foot infections in practice.

What primary care clinicians should know about fenofibrate for people with diabetes pdf
Alicia J Jenkins, Andrzej S Januszewski, Emma S Scott and Anthony C Keech review fenofibrate’s mechanisms of action, proven clinical benefits in type 2 diabetes and practical aspects of its prescription.

GLP-1 receptor analogues – a practical guide to initiation pdf
Ralph Audehm and Laura Dean provide a practical guide to initiating glucagon-like peptide 1 analogues in people with type 2 diabetes.