Diabetes and Primary Care Australia journal content: Vol 1 Issue 3 (July 2016)

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Primary care should be seen and heard pdf
Gary Kilov introduces this issue, commenting on the role primary care can, and should, have in policy making for diabetes care in Australia.

CPD module
Prevention, screening and referral of people with diabetes-related foot complications in primary care pdf
Rajna Ogrin and Nick Forgione review the latest evidence and recommendations in managing diabetic foot complications.

From the desktop
Registrar education on type 2 diabetes: Throwing them in the deep end and ensuring no one drowns pdf
Suzane Ryan shares tips and guidance for educating GP registrars in diabetes management.

Medicolegal case of a person with type 2 diabetes: Medical history pdf
Peter Hay presents a medicolegal case that demonstrates the importance of note-taking, especially when managing a person with type 2 diabetes on insulin who is non-compliant to treatment.

Diagnosing type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis in children pdf
Fergus Cameron, Gary Kilov and Ralph Audehm cover the symptoms and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis,
and discuss the importance of raising awareness among parents, carers and the community.

To carb or not to carb in diabetes management pdf
Sunita Date argues why we should be cautious in prescribing and advocating the low-carb diet.

Meeting report
Inaugural national conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia pdf
Mark Kennedy summarises the sessions of the inaugural national conference of the Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia held in Melbourne, Vic.