Diabetes and Primary Care Australia journal content: Vol 1 Issue 2 (March 2016)

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The power of the multidisciplinary team: Changing clinical perspectives pdf
Gary Kilov introduces this issue, taking a close look at the impact the multidisciplinary team can have in approaching diabetes care.

CPD module
The challenges of managing diabetes in hard-to-reach groups pdf
Alia Gilani and John Furler review the latest evidence and recommendations in managing diabetes in hard-to-reach groups in Australia.

From the desktop
Individualizing clients in dietary management pdf
Erin Jackson provides expert opinion and practical guidance on the importance of individualising care.

Evolution of health professional roles: GPs with a special interest in diabetes pdf
Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis considers the role GPs with specialist interests could play in Australia.

Blood glucose: To monitor or not in type 2 diabetes?
The practical implications of the Choosing Wisely recommendation pdf

John Furler, Jessica Browne and Jane Speight disseminate how recommendations from the Choosing Wisely campaign fit with today’s clinical practice.

Diabesity and periodontal disease: Relationship and management pdf
Rajesh Chauhan, Mark Kennedy and Werner Bischof investigate the possible relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes.

The “NO TEARS” diabetes medication review pdf
Jane Diggle describes the NO TEARS tool used in the UK to assess individuals’ medicines and ensure effective treatment, and Cik Lin Yee and Rajna Ogrin describe the medicine reviews available in Australia and what could be learnt from NO TEARS.